8mm Black Diamond Coronet Ring
8mm Black Diamond Coronet Ring

Maria Tash

8mm Black Diamond Coronet Ring

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  • With eleven Blue Diamonds radiating from its outer surface, the coronet is one of Maria Tash's signature pieces. Eight of the pearls are set in a fixed position, while the bottom pearl dangles freely.
  • Black Diamond
  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • 8mm


MARIA TASH has revolutionized the fine jewelry and luxury piercing industries. The brand is known for self-expression; the Curated Ear® is a technique Maria herself developed where clients combine studs and rings in unique stylings that reflect their personal aesthetics. The original East Village shop gained a devoted following in the early ‘90s, and MARIA TASH continues to expand globally across the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Source: mariatash.com