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Ophelia Chain with Pear Prong - Tanzanite - Geelgoud
Cherish Pear Ring - CZ - Geelgoud
BVLACherish Pear Ring - CZ - Geelgoud
Sale price€955.00 EUR
Triple Marquise Fan Pin - CZ - Geelgoud
Tri Bead Arc PinTri Bead Arc Pin
BVLATri Bead Arc Pin
Sale price€125.00 EUR
Linear Tri Bead Cluster PinLinear Tri Bead Cluster Pin
BVLALinear Tri Bead Cluster Pin
Sale price€115.00 EUR
Quad Bead Cluster - Threaded EndQuad Bead Cluster - Threaded End
BVLAQuad Bead Cluster - Threaded End
Sale priceFrom €110.00 EUR
Tri Bead Cluster PinTri Bead Cluster Pin
BVLATri Bead Cluster Pin
Sale priceFrom €95.00 EUR
Threadless BVLA Post - Witgoud
BVLAThreadless BVLA Post - Witgoud
Sale price€75.00 EUR
Threadless BVLA Post - Geelgoud
BVLAThreadless BVLA Post - Geelgoud
Sale price€75.00 EUR
Threadless BVLA Post - Rosegoud
BVLAThreadless BVLA Post - Rosegoud
Sale price€75.00 EUR
Slasher Dagger - Rhodium
BVLASlasher Dagger - Rhodium
Sale price€165.00 EUR
Reema - ONYX - Rosegoud
BVLAReema - ONYX - Rosegoud
Sale price€210.00 EUR
[Exclusive] 3 Gem Aquilia Pin - Diamant - Geelgoud
Artemis - CZ - Threaded End - Witgoud
Artemis - CZ - Threaded End - Geelgoud
Lamia Marquise Cluster - Threaded End - Geelgoud
Clara - CZ - Threaded End - Witgoud
Hop Symbol PinHop Symbol Pin
BVLAHop Symbol Pin
Sale price€210.00 EUR
Vegan V PinVegan V Pin
BVLAVegan V Pin
Sale priceFrom €175.00 EUR
Bastian - CZ - Threaded End - Geelgoud
Flat V Pin LargeFlat V Pin Large
BVLAFlat V Pin Large
Sale price€150.00 EUR
Hannah - CZ - Threaded End - Geelgoud
Novi Marquise - CZ - Threaded End - Geelgoud
Tizona Dagger - CZ - Threaded End - Geelgoud


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