Piercing Boutique X Azzurro Due

We will be back in Amsterdam with our 

famous Piercing Event! 

Our piercing party will return on the 22th and 23th of September from 17:00 till 22:00 at Azzurro Due. 

During this event you will be able to get pierced and buy amazing jewelry from exclusive brands at the same time. 

If you want to get pierced then make sure you book your appointment online to ensure your spot. 

Trust us, you don’t want to miss this! If you only want to buy Jewelry or want to shop at Azzurro, you do not have to make an appointment.

Maria Tash Collection

Just like the well-known items, we will also show 

some New Exclusive jewelry during the event. 

Like we said before, you don’t want to miss this event!


Multi Tassel Hoop /YG
€1,995.00 EUR
Chest Bar /YG
€585.00 EUR

What, Where, When

Piercing Party

We will bring our whole Maria Tash and Djula stock to this event. This means you can get pierced with these beautiful real gold items right away. There will be white gold, 

yellow gold and rose gold items available. 

You only want to replace your old piercing? We got you! 

Drop by at our event and you will fall in love with 

our amazing jewelry.   

Joe, Niels and Dominique are the piercers that will be 

present at our event. If you want to get pierced by your favorite piercer, be quick and claim your spot!

Our Piercing Party will start on 

September 22th till September 23th from 5 till 10 at 

Azzurro Due, Van Baerlestraat 3, 1071 AL Amsterdam

New Brand Alert!

At this event we will proudly present our new brand Djula. 
All the Jewelry of this brand are made of 18K Gold and Diamonds. Come and see the amazing pieces for yourself!

Diamond FoundryDiamonds

14K & 18K 

Solid Gold



Book your appointment

If u want multiple piercings you only have to make 1 appointment.

If you're coming with multiple people, you need to make an appointment for each person.

After Movie of our Piercing Party last March