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Piercing boutique Trb is one of the leading piercing- and jewelry stores in the Netherlands. We have been providing our customers with the best service and experience for 11 years. Piercing Boutique Trb offers a wide selection of the bestselling and the most unique piercing jewelry. We are a proud retailer of the most exciting and leading brands in the piercing industry, such as Maria Tash, Djula & BVLA.

Our piercers are always aware of the newest piercing trends- and jewelry in the industry. Our shop only sells qualitative, responsive and authentic jewelry. The brands provided in our store introduce new and innovative designs continuously, made of the best qualitative materials and exceeding all health and safety standards.


Beauty and confidence comes from within. What you wear on the outside is just a way to enhance your beauty and confidence and express who you are. We believe in- and get inspired from our customers and would love to celebrate this in every possible way.

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Piercings are the whispers of rebellion and the echoes of self-expression.

Piercings have long been a symbol of individuality and a form of silent rebellion. They are a canvas on which we paint our stories, a testament to our unique journeys, and a declaration of self. Each piercing represents a choice, a moment of bravery, and a reminder that we are the architects of our own bodies. They are the whispers of rebellion against conformity and the echoes of self-expression that resonate in our souls.